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“We believe in a world where affordable, high-speed connectivity is always within reach.”

Steve Collar, CEO


O3b Networks is a global satellite services provider building a next-generation satellite network for telecommunications operators and Internet Service Providers, as well as enterprise customers and government departments and agencies, providing billions of consumers and businesses in nearly 180 countries with low cost, high speed Internet and mobile connectivity.


The O3b system combines the global reach of satellite with the speed of fiber. We focus on:

  • High capacity
  • Fiber-like latency
  • Bandwidth that is significantly lower in cost.


O3b‘s Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites orbit at 8,062km above the Earth. From this low altitude, latency is dramatically reduced bringing it on par with a long haul fiber transmission. Operators can now consider satellite technology for applications that are latency sensitive.O3b’s constellation of satellites utilizes multiple spot beams, which significantly increase each satellite’s capacity and decrease the cost of bandwidth. Read more about our technology here.

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Our Story

A Unique Company with a Unique History

Our History


O3b Networks was founded in 2007 by pioneering high-technology entrepreneur Greg Wyler. He first conceived the idea in 2005 whilst working on a project to provide a nationwide telephone service in rural Rwanda. Wiring a post-war and economically shattered country alone was a big enough challenge, but connecting it to the rest of the world through a skinny, low-speed satellite link bottlenecked all communication outside the country.


At the time, Rwanda – like many countries and remote areas today – had no international fiber connections. Wyler felt there had to be a better way and in 2007 he and a small group of investors including Google and Liberty Global started O3b Networks.


Wyler put together a team of industry experts and together they developed the design for a new constellation of satellites that would orbit much closer to the earth than legacy geosynchronous (GEO) satellites and use a different frequency to provide a much higher throughput at a lower cost.


The result was ground breaking – signals travelling a much shorter distance, coupled with the new frequency meant significantly higher throughput, eliminating the bottleneck. Remote countries and regions like Rwanda could now be connected through the global reach of satellite but at the speed of fiber.


The O3b Medium-Earth-Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation has been developed to offer a solution to the challenges faced by remote, under-developed and unstable regions throughout the world, resulting in a network that delivers high-speed broadband connectivity everywhere on Earth within 45 degrees of latitude north and south of the equator, at affordable wholesale pricing.

Social Responsibility


O3b’s ultra-low latency, fiber-speed satellite network is opening up new opportunities to billions of people, who, until now, haven’t experienced all the benefits that come with high-speed broadband.


In many remote inland countries and island nations, fiber simply isn’t a viable option. Telecom providers and system operators are often unable to make the major network investments to reach isolated communities.


We realize that the internet connectivity needs in the markets we serve go beyond the bandwidth we can provide. That’s why we have partnered with organizations like PC manufacturers and device manufacturers to ensure that the potential bottlenecks that keep over 3 billion people from being connected to the Internet are eliminated.


We are equally committed to linking entrepreneurs and small business across emerging markets to the global Internet backbone, enabling them to thrive locally and tap into the global economy. Enabling communities to access substantial social and economic benefits for the communities in which they operate.


In addition, O3b is dedicated to protecting the environments in which it operates, and improving quality of life in the communities in which it is active.


Fairness and equality are the cornerstones of everything we do. We place the highest emphasis on openness, transparency and good governance across every area of our business.