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Founded in 2007 by pioneering high-technology entrepreneur Greg Wyler, O3b Networks is a Global Satellite Services Provider creating a world where affordable, high speed connectivity is always within reach.

Already we've been rewriting the parameters of satellite communications and the company is now fully funded through to the launch of the first 12 satellites. Financial support comes from many high-profile investors including SES, HSBC, Liberty Global, Development Bank of South Africa, Sofina, Satya Capital, Google, Northbridge Venture Partners and Allen & Company.

Our sights are set firmly on the launch of our satellites in 2013. Join us and you'll be part of the O3b communication revolution that will improve global communications.

What we do

We are deploying a next-generation satellite network that enables our customers in emerging markets access to fast, flexible and affordable connectivity. Families, communities and businesses will thrive as our satellites provide operators with an efficient and sustainable service, through a global network that is flexible to meet capacity and network needs on demand.

Our unique applications include IP Trunking, Mobile Wireless, Fiber Resiliency and On Demand Connectivity. We will provide coverage in 177 countries in both urban and remote areas with link capacities scaling from 1Mbps to 10Gbps, providing an unprecedented solution for aggregating and backhauling traffic.

If you want to find out more, and we hope you do, please visit the 'What we do' section.

Our exciting future

These are exciting times indeed: cutting-edge technology, untapped markets, incredible potential - both personally and professionally - are all part and parcel of working at O3b Networks. As we transform communications by deploying our groundbreaking, next-generation satellite constellation we will be reaching 177 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Our growth can only represent good things for you in the future. It means you will have exposure to the most challenging, complex, invigorating and compelling projects. Being in it from the beginning, you'll be helping to mould and shape everything from our processes to having a say in the way O3b looks in the future.

Our locations

Our Corporate Headquaters is located in Jersey, Channel Islands. The Operational Headquaters is in The Hague, Netherlands and where we house our central operations such as Legal, Finance, HR and Senior Management. Our offices are largely open plan, to reflect our culture of openess and honesty, facilitating the free flow of ideas.

Our technical teams are based at our ground hubs in the US, in either Colorado or Northern Virginia. Beyond that we have - or are soon to have - a number of satellite offices in our emerging markets - such as Dubai, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.

We aim to recruit locally where possible and appropriate as this supports the communities where we provide service. It also makes sense that we leverage local market knowledge rather then trying to gain it from outside.