Meet our people

We are always looking for great people, we look forward to hearing from you.

We’re proud of our people. They’re the backbone of the company and the reason we’re heading for even greater success. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of our team who are happy to share their thoughts about what it’s really like to work at O3b.

Who are you and what’s your role at 03b?

Luisa Sorrentino - VP Marketing Communications

"I joined O3b from SES, who is the largest shareholder of O3b. I gained exposure to the project whilst at SES and became excited by the challenges it offered and the fact that I’d get to create something from scratch. What interested me initially was that I was moving to a smaller team. For me, this meant there was more variety.

At O3b I can get stuck into all areas of marketing, meaning my work is varied and interesting and I’m given more autonomy than in larger companies as there’s no red tape.

The best thing about working here is probably the people. There’s definitely a certain type of person at O3b. They’re all dynamic, creative and thrive on the fast-paced environment. It means that there’s a real sense of purpose as everyone’s motivated by the projects they’re working on. I also love the travel involved, meeting new people and being introduced to new cultures."

Ken Mentasti – Technical Payload Manager

"I joined O3b in June 2008. Before joining I worked as an RF Systems Engineer at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado. One of the many positive things I find with working at O3b is the amount of knowledge and experience I gain from the people I work with. As well as having the opportunity to work in France, building a constellation of 12 MEO satellites is an opportunity and experience of a lifetime.

The thing that attracted me most to O3b is the opportunity and experiences offered with working for a new company and partnering with companies from around the world. O3b has proven to be a dynamic company. I think people who love a challenge and the experience of building a new company should consider O3b Networks. The ability to build-up and define a new company that is going to re-define communications in the 21st century is an opportunity I feel you can’t get anywhere else. Every day I learn something new, or I am presented with a new challenge - so I am rapidly progressing while at O3b."