First class connectivity at sea

First class connectivity at sea

On shore, the days of voice communication as the primary means of staying connected are long gone and the same is now true at sea. O3bMaritime delivers for the first time, truly immersive broadband experience at sea leading to unrivalled guest satisfaction, providing increased revenue generation, enhanced crew welfare and the potential for greater IT operational efficiency for the cruise operators.

O3bMaritime benefits at a glance:


Unrivalled Guest Satisfaction

O3bMaritime delivers communications at sea, equal to the ‘at home’ experience. This broadens the passenger mix to premium guests with higher disposable income and meaningfully improves passenger experience and satisfaction.


Increased Revenue Generation

Genuine broadband and crystal clear voice delivered by O3bMaritime encourages guests to use internet and voice services providing a significant source of additional revenue to cruise operators.


Enhanced Crew Welfare

O3bMaritime significantly enhances crew welfare, keeping crew happier at sea, improving both staff quality and retention.


Operational Efficiency

The low latency and high throughput of O3bMaritime allows services once housed on-board to be located in centralized on-shore data centres, freeing space on board and increasing operational efficiency.

How O3bMaritime works

Steerable Beams Tracking your ship

  • O3b’s satellite beams follow the ship on its normal route.
  • O3b maintains the ship within the beam centre.
  • O3b receives latitude/longitude updates on two hour intervals via in-band or out-of-band channel.
  • Beam tracking updates in real time if the ship has to change course.

Fully Managed End-to-End Service

  • 1.2m or 2.2m Stabilized Terminals.
  • Dual tracking antennas provide seamless handover at end of pass and in case of blockage.
  • 3rd hot-standby spare antenna and spare modem for redundancy.
  • GigE Interface to the LAN in the ship’s data center.
  • Internet access at major peering points from O3b regional gateways.