Norfolk Telecom Customer Story


Location: Norfolk Island
Area: 34.6 km2
Capital: Kingston
Population: 2,182
Internet Penetration Rate: 27.2%
Internet Users: 700
Mobile Subscribers: 1,100


Norfolk Telecom offers a range of telecommunications services on Norfolk Island.

It currently offers a prepaid mobile service which operates on a 2G GSM network and an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband internet service.

Norfolk Telecom is the incumbent provider on Norfolk Island for mobile and fixed line telephone services and internet services. Currently all of the Island’s telephone and data traffic are routed to New Zealand by Geo-stationary satellite. The switch to O3b will allow Norfolk Telecom to significantly increase its bandwidth, improving data rates and response times.


Product: O3bTrunk
Region: Norfolk Island
Application: IP Connectivity

Customer Solution Benefit: to enable mobile, fixed line telephone, and internet services to significantly increase bandwidth, improve data rates and response times.

Kim Davies, General Manager of Norfolk Telecom says…

“With O3b, Norfolk Island now has the same services and customer experience that is available in Australia. The improvement in the quality and quantity of internet capabilities brought about by O3b is playing a critical role in community development.”