O3b advantage

O3b is all about making the internet global, this section tells you how.

Higher capacity

O3b's satellite transponders have on average three to four times the capacity of those offered by GEO satellite systems. This translates into three to four times more bandwidth – and a fiber-like experience for customers.

Lower latency

O3b's unique network of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites virtually eliminates the delay caused by standard Geosynchronous (GEO) satellites.

Round-trip data transmission time is reduced from well over 500 milliseconds to sub 150 milliseconds seconds.

This creates a web experience significantly closer to terrestrial systems such as DSL or Optical Fiber.

Global coverage

Satellite technology delivers global internet connectivity.

O3b's next-generation satellite network is reaching consumers, businesses and other organisations in 180 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Pacific and the Middle East.

Several billion people are enjoying access to broadband for the first time. If you can see the sky, the O3b network can connect you.

Affordable cost

The O3b system eliminates the need to construct extensive and expensive terrestrial backhaul networks.

This enables telcos and ISPs to focus more time, money and energy on the front end of their business, building out their local penetration and nurturing their customer base.

For the end customer, this means...

  • Faster web access
  • Clearer, more natural voice communications
  • Real-time, lag-free video conferencing
  • Full-speed IP over VPN
  • Seamless access to web-based software and services

Fiber cables

  • Point to Point
  • Large external infrastructure build underwater, underground or across towers to each site
  • Capex $$$$
  • Opex $$
  • Throughput - up to 10,240 Gbps


  • Point to Point or Point to Multipoint
  • Reach any location with no external infrastructure build
  • Capex $
  • Opex $
  • Throughput - up to 1.2 Gbps per transponder


  • Point to point spot beam up to ~80km between towers
  • Multiple tower, power and utility external infrasturcture build
  • Capex $
  • Opex $$$
  • Throughput - up to 155 mbps

GEO Satellites

  • Point to Point/Multipoint
  • Reaches any location with no external infrastructure build
  • Capex $
  • Opex $$$
  • Throughput - up to 155 Mbps per transponder