Our technology

O3b is all about making the internet global, this section tells you how.

O3b transforms communications by deploying a ground breaking, next generation satellite constellation that brings our customers connectivity which is better, faster and more affordable. O3b's satellites are placed in orbit 8062 kilometers from the earth providing around 70% of the world's population with fiber quality internet connectivity.



  • Designed, integrated and tested by Thales Alenia Space
  • Initial constellation of 8 satellites and fully scalable to meet market demand
  • Orbital spacing: 45˚
  • Orbital height: 8062km
  • Orbital inclination: <0.1˚
  • Ground period: 360 min / number of contacts: 4 per day


  • Ka-band
  • Optimal coverage between 45˚ north/south latitudes
  • 10 beams per region (7 regions) totalling 70 remote beams per 8 satellite constellation
  • Up to 1.2 Gbps per beam (600 Mbps x 2)
  • 84 Gbps available per 8 satellite constellation
  • Beam coverage: 700km diameter
  • Transponder bandwidth: 216 MHz; 2 x 216 MHz per beam


  • Global network of gateways
  • Strategically located on the internet backbone
  • Enabling flexible, reliable and secure connectivity options


O3b is working with industry partners, developing a range of terminals that support a variety of customer applications. O3b use advanced technologies which:

  • Optimize bandwidth efficiency
  • Deploy easily
  • Offer reliability
  • Are easily maintained
  • Are affordable