“Our customers wanted Internet that was bigger, faster and cheaper”

Loyley Ngira CEO, Our Telekom

Our Telekom Customer Story


Location: Solomon Islands
Area: 28,400 km2
Capital: Honiara
Population: 550,000
GDP per Capita: $1,200
Internet Penetration Rate: 4.7%
Internet Users: 26,907
Mobile Subscribers: 64.5%


Our Telekom has been engaged in the development of telecommunication services in the Solomon Islands and has the majority of the telecommunications market in Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands is the fifth largest nation in the Oceania region, with over 1000 Islands and an extremely dispersed population. Since its founding in 1988, Our Telekom has been instrumental in the development of telecommunications services in the Solomon Islands.

Our Telekom is currently rolling out ADSL and embarking on 3G implementation to the main Islands. Our Telecom aims to increase international bandwidth and improve network performance nationwide. Demand for data is increasing quickly, in fact, so far this year Our Telekom has already upgraded their bandwidth by almost 60% to meet the high demand from this key customer segment. Our Telekom attributes the increasing demand for internet services to the much improved customer experience O3b has provided, especially in the capital city of Honiara. The O3b satellite network enables Our Telekom to dramatically increase bandwidth and improve the speed and quality of service for customers initially in the region, with planning underway for future service to the Outer Islands.


Product: O3bTrunk
Region: Solomon Islands
Application: IP Connectivity

Customer Solution Benefit: The O3b service will allow Our Telekom to significantly increase its bandwidth and improve the speed and quality of service for business and residential customers in Honiara, and, over time, to the Outer Islands.

Loyley Ngira, CEO of Our Telekom says…

“O3b will allow the Solomon Islands access to ultra-fast and very low latency internet. Our Telekom will provide faster services to other parts of the country and have a first class backup service for the fiber cable. Our Telekom will quickly transform the way people in the Solomon Islands work and learn. Our Telekom has always been the Innovator in the Solomon Islands market and this partnership with O3b enables us to deliver even better quality of service to our customers.”