RCS-Communication Customer Story


Location: South Sudan
Area: 619,745 km2
Capital: Juba
Population: 8,260,490
GDP per Capita: $1,006
Internet Penetration Rate: 0%
Internet Users: 16,000
Mobile Subscribers: 2,156,000


RCS-Communication is an ICT company in South Sudan, for businesses and organizations looking for a service provider that understands the terrain and ensures future relevance for clients in a fast-changing world.

RCS combined in-country experience across East- and Central Africa, offering international best practices and a proven track record for delivering projects in challenging environments to specification and within agreed timeframes.

The capital city Juba is home to more than 300,000 people, who until now had limited broadband connectivity. O3b’s ground-breaking service was tested internally by RCS, before integrating it into their WiMAX network in Juba.

It was made available to RCS clients on 1 October 2014. O3b’s low latency delivers unique user advantages for inhabitants of South Sudan and O3b brings fiber like characteristics with satellite reach and reliability.


Product: O3bTrunk
Region: South Sudan
Application: IP Connectivity

Customer Solution Benefit: Utilize O3b’s low latency, affordable network to enable the new nation of South Sudan to grow.

Flippie Odendal, Managing Director, RCS-Communication says…

“As one of O3b’s pioneering clients we are excited to report the practical reality after implementation matches the theory of what we hoped to achieve when we decided to contract capacity with O3b for our WiMAX network in Juba. With this investment, RCS further differentiated our service offering and allowed scope to increase bandwidth capacity four fold in the future without the need for major changes at our local gateway.”