“Bringing broadband services to people in the heart of the Amazon is a major accomplishment for Skynet, and we could only do that with O3b.”

Mauricio Villamil, Commercial Manager, SkyNet

SkyNet Customer Story


Location: Colombia, Amazons
Area: 1,109,500 km2
Capital: Leticia
Population: 48,321,405
GDP per Capita: $7,831.20
Internet Penetration Rate: 51.7%
Internet Users: 24,982,166
Mobile Subscribers: 109%


SkyNet is a telecommunications service provider specializing in satellite services.

SkyNet uses state-of-the-art satellite network to deliver first high throughput, low latency satellite broadband to enterprise and consumer customers in the Amazon.


Product: O3bTrunk
Region: Leticia, Colombia
Application: IP Connectivity

Customer Solution Benefit: bring fast broadband to Leticia for the first time. Latency, price and flexibility for growth provide SkyNet with an opportunity to be the first in Colombia to offer O3b services.

Rene Otero, General Manager, SkyNet says…

“This is an unprecedented technology development in Colombia, as for the first time the people of the Colombian Amazon will have the opportunity to experience the same benefits as people in the larger cities of the country, through high-speed internet access and fiber-like latency.”