SpeedCast Customer Story


Location: Christmas Island
Area: 135 km²
Capital: Flying Fish Cove
Population: 2,072
GDP per Capita: $67,463


SpeedCast enables the Christmas Island Internet Administration (CIIA)—the only Internet Service Provider (ISP) on Christmas Island—the ability to provide broadband connectivity to the island’s residents, businesses and visitors. SpeedCast is delivering for CIIA the first true broadband internet service experienced on the island.

Since launching the O3b service on Christmas Island, there has been a 300% increase in data usage. Substantially improved performance delivered over the network has accelerated the consumption of bandwidth as the improved experience for consumers dramatically increases their appetite for data.


Product: O3bTrunk
Region: Christmas Island
Application: IP Connectivity

Customer Solution Benefit: The O3b service allows SpeedCast to offer high-speed broadband connectivity to Christmas Island.

Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, SpeedCast says…

“SpeedCast is pleased to be providing CIIA with the best satellite connectivity available, over the O3b network. Now the residents of Christmas Island will have comparable broadband service to those on the Australian mainland.”