O3b is revolutionising communications with a groundbreaking,
next-generation satellite constellation that brings our customers
connectivity that is better, faster and more affordable.

Our Technology at a Glance

  • Designed, integrated and tested by Thales Alenia Space
  • Initial constellation of 12 satellites and fully scalable to meet market demand
  • Orbital height: 8062km
  • Orbital inclination: <0.1˚
  • Ground period: 360 min / 4 contacts per day
  • Ka-Band
  • Optimal coverage between 45° north/south latitudes
  • 10 beams per region (7 regions) totalling 70 remote beams per 12 satellite constellation
  • Up to 1.6Gbps per beam (800Mbps x 2)
  • 84Gbps available per 8 satellite constellation
  • Beam coverage: 700km diameter
  • Transponder bandwidth: 216MHz; 2 x 216MHz per beam
  • Global network of gateways


  • Strategically located on the internet backbone


  • Enabling flexible, reliable and secure connectivity options

O3b has worked with industry partners to develop a range of terminals that support a variety of customer applications. We use advanced technologies optimize bandwidth efficiency and are:


•Easily deployed


•Easily maintained


Video-Ply-IconGD Antenna Satellite Handover

Video-Ply-IconConstellation Demonstration Latin America