More bandwidth, lower latency, lower cost

O3bTrunk has operators transmitting and receiving data at unparalleled speed, quality and cost. Optimized with a variety of network solutions, unlimited scalable bandwidth to grow with demands, flexibility and tailored cost effective solutions.

O3bTrunk features at glance:


Latency of Less Than 150msec

The O3bTrunk products deliver latencies faster than long haul fiber with a round trip latency of less than 150milliseconds, delivering the highest quality voice and video in the satellite industry at an affordable cost.



Our products provide direct connectivity to the global internet via major content aggregation sites, and onward connectivity as required to private corporate networks. With connectivity of 100, 150, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000mbps (aggregate bandwidth shared between forward and return links).



What you want, where you want, when you want. O3bTrunk offers a range of bandwidth packages to suit your network with scalable data rates to meet your requirements from 100Mbps to 1.2 Gbps.


Unlimited Affordable Bandwidth

The unique O3b system design can provide unlimited scalable bandwidth, with capacities up to four times greater than any alternative satellite system.

  • White paper: Where Fiber Fears to Trench

    O3bTrunk brings new options for profitable and timely expansion for Telcos, ISPs and corporate network providers. Providers who want to grow beyond STM1 can use this White paper which includes technical and business information and case examples to gain insight into how the O3bTrunk solutions may best fit their needs.

    Where Fiber Fears to Trench (PDF)

  • White paper: Latency Matters

    This White paper addresses the sources of delays to internet data and describes how the users of the O3b Satellite constellation observe significantly less impact from these delays when compared to other satellite-based systems.

    Latency matters (PDF)

Why use O3bTrunk services?


Pay for what you need now rather than what you may need in the future. By selecting from our O3bTrunk services you optimize your bandwidth for your current needs, and can rest assured that you are able to upgrade your service at a later date.

Rapid Flexible Deployment

O3bTrunk capacity is deployed much faster than fiber infrastructure and can be relocated as demand shifts without the need to lay costly subterranean cables over long distances.


Increased Revenue Generation

Increase your profitability by lowering your overall OPEX through the O3bTrunk service or attract more customers by improving your customer experience with significantly more bandwidth.

Additional Bandwidth Available

Ability to burst up to 15% above service data rates when required at no additional charge.


Reduce Downtime

No other satellite constellation will provide IP Trunking services with full in-orbit redundancy, combined with a fully redundant ground network architecture. Customers enjoy exceptional service from O3b thanks to a network designed to meet the high service standards demanded by telecommunications operators.

Improved Service

Give your customers a superior Internet experience and draw many more customers to your network as the news spreads that applications perform better as a result of O3b’s unique lower latency. Support video, IP VPN, VoIP, enterprise applications and even gaming. Most common web pages load in a fraction of the usual time, and downloads are much faster when compared to traditional satellite-based service.


In short O3bTrunk services provide:

Unprecedented Global Coverage anywhere on Earth within +45°/-45° Latitude A range of bandwidth packages to suit your network Incremental burstable capacity when required Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint or Multipoint connectivity Web-based Monitoring and Reporting High quality Service Level Agreements