Revolution in mobile backhaul

Revolution in mobile backhaul

Reach more subscribers for less with O3bCell, the smarter solution for mobile backhaul. O3bCell allows mobile operators to reach more subscribers economically, significantly improving voice quality while supporting data rates unachievable using conventional satellite solutions. O3bCell is the response to the challenges of today’s emerging market network operators.

Where O3bCell fits into your network


Site Backhaul

Provides a connectivity solution between cell site towers and the core mobile network. O3bCell will support 2G, 3G and 4G-LTE voice and data services offering seamless upgrade to packet switched networks. Cell-site speeds from 2 Mbps to 50 Mbps are easily provisioned to individual cell sites, or at an aggregation site used to aggregate multiple microwave links at the edge of the network. O3bCell can support backhaul links of up to 1 Gbps for major IP Trunking routes between the network core and aggregation layer. O3bCell places control in the mobile network operators’ hands through a pool of bandwidth shared dynamically between multiple sites, maximizing system efficiency, minimizing operational cost whilst protecting voice and high priority data traffic at availabilities of greater than 99.7%. Site backhaul and data offload services are enabled with a broad range of terminal options to choose from amongst the industries leading baseband and RF suppliers in satellite mobile backhaul.

Internet cloud

SIPTO and IuB Offload

O3bCell offers mobile network operators the ability to offload data traffic, minimizing network congestion and cost. SIPTO is an elegant solution that facilitates the offload of data traffic at the O3b Gateway, located strategically at major Internet exchange points, while transiting voice traffic back to the core. SIPTO reduces latency, improving customer quality of experience while driving down cost. Iub Offload offers a data overlay solution for mobile network operators who have an existing 2G network and are looking to deploy data profitability. Both architectures can be leveraged to enable data services to be carried in a flexible and cost effective way.


Core network backhaul

O3bCell enables mobile operators to provision high availability, high speed trunks from the middle mile aggregation layer of the mobile network to the core network.

  • White paper: Informa

    Informa Telecoms & Media performed economic modeling for a rural network with a variety of backhaul technologies and concluded that MEO-driven backhaul is the most effective technology, assuming that data services are significant in rural areas and require in excess of 2Mbps in backhaul capacity. Above this threshold, the superior opex performance of MEO backhaul performs better than the rest of the technologies assessed.

    Informa white paper (PDF)

  • White paper: Latency Matters

    This paper is presented by O3b Networks to provide an understanding of the impact of latency on mobile backhaul services. Several common voice and data applications are analyzed to assess the impact of latency on the quality of the end user’s experience. The paper compares the Quality of Experience (QoE) based on latency differences between GEO-synchronous satellites and MEO satellites.

    Latency Matters (PDF)

Why use O3bCell services?

Reduced costs

Reach is a key differentiator for MNO’s and the O3b system has been designed to provide a backhaul solution that supports the deployment of 3G/4G services profitability further into the network. Smaller, purpose-built satellites, lower launch costs and plentiful bandwidth delivers backhaul opex that is over 30% lower than that offered by traditional satellite architectures.

Superior Voice Quality

By virtue of latency of less than 150ms, O3bCell will provide the very highest mean opinion score for voice quality as defined by the ITU, producing crystal clear voice without echo or noticeable speech delay. The latency of geosynchronous alternatives results in dissatisfied customers, subscriber churn, shorter call lengths and lower revenue.


Higher download speeds

High latency in IP networks reduces performance but as O3bCell latency is comparable to that of fiber, end-user throughput more than triples compared to alternative satellite solutions. O3bCell removes the bandwidth bottleneck and delivers a true broadband experience that cannot be rivaled by competing satellite backhaul solutions.

Faster interactivity

An important requirement for end-user quality of experience is the response time to data requested. Real life examples from the Internet world show that extended response times caused by high latency sharply decrease revenues for service providers. O3bCell reduces latency over existing GEO-synchronous satellite systems by four times, leading to increased end-user satisfaction and lower subscriber churn for mobile network operators.


Investment protection

O3bCell offers mobile operators a smooth upgrade path from circuit switched voice though to packet-based IP networks. O3bCell supports cell-site backhaul speeds from as low as 2Mbps (E1) to over 1Gbps. Bandwidth is pooled and shared dynamically between sites making O3bCell the right solution for the bursty and high volume traffic typical of IP networks. O3bCell is the world’s first satellite system fully compliant with all existing and planned releases of the 3GPP standard.