Social responsibility

O3b is all about making the internet global, this section tells you all about how.

Every member of the O3b team is passionate about bringing affordable, state-of-the-art broadband services to the 3 billion people who have been denied them for reasons of geography, political instability and economics.

We realize that the internet connectivity needs in the markets we serve go beyond the bandwidth we will provide. This is why we have partnered with organizations such as PC manufacturers and access device manufacturers to ensure that all potential bottlenecks that keep over 3 billion people from being connected to the internet are eliminated.

We are equally committed to linking entrepreneurs and small business across emerging markets to the global internet backbone, enabling them to thrive locally and tap into the global economy. Enabling communities to access substantial social and economic benefits for the communities in which they operate.

In addition, in line with our company's mission, O3b is dedicated to protecting the environments in which it operates, and improving quality of life in the communities in which it is active.

Fairness and equality are the cornerstones of everything we do. O3b places the highest emphasis on openness, transparency and good governance across every area of its business.