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Our Technology

O3b’s ultra-low latency, fiber-speed satellite network is opening up new opportunities to billions of people.

Orbiting at just 8,062 kilometers from the earth, our ground breaking, next generation satellite constellation brings our customers better, faster and more affordable connectivity and gives 70% of the world’s population fiber-quality Internet services.

In many remote inland countries and island nations, fiber simply isn’t a viable option. Telecom providers and system operators are often unable to make the major network investments to reach isolated communities.

The O3b Medium-Earth-Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation was built to solve these challenges with a “fiber speed, satellite reach” solution that breaks through bottlenecks. Read more…

O3b Service Coverage

Services and Solutions

Fully managed carrier-class IP and MEF standardised Ethernet backbone-to-edge connectivity solutions built on O3bConnect. Read more…

Optimise mobile and broadband networks to guarantee exceptional end-user Quality of Experience (QoE). Read more…

Designed to meet vertical segment and market-specific (energy, mobile, financial, healthcare, maritime and others) network solution needs. Read more…

 Span across O3b services and solutions so customers focus on their mission, not the design, maintenance and operation of complex satellite and terrestrial networks around the world. Read more…

We Believe In a World Where Affordable, High-Speed Connectivity Is Always Within Reach

Steve Collar, CEO