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We believe in a world where affordable, high-speed connectivity is always within reach.

Steve Collar, CEO

O3b Networks is a global satellite services provider building a next-generation satellite network for telecommunications operators and Internet Service Providers, as well as enterprise customers and government departments and agencies, providing billions of consumers and businesses in nearly 180 countries with low cost, high speed Internet and mobile connectivity.

The O3b system combines the global reach of satellite with the speed of fiber. We focus on:

  • High capacity
  • Fiber-like latency
  • Bandwidth that is significantly lower in cost.

O3b‘s Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites orbit at 8,062km above the Earth. From this low altitude, latency is dramatically reduced bringing it on par with a long haul fiber transmission. Operators can now consider satellite technology for applications that are latency sensitive.O3b’s constellation of satellites utilizes multiple spot beams, which significantly increase each satellite’s capacity and decrease the cost of bandwidth. Read more about our technology here.

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