Ethernet Services

Low Latency, Satellite-Enabled, MEF Ready Point-to-Point Connectivity

With the reliability, performance and privacy of O3b’s Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) services, service providers and enterprises can bypass the public internet to directly connect virtually anywhere with confidence to: private clouds, cloud service providers, enterprise applications, VPNs and IoT platforms. Managed end-to-end by O3b for optimal performance and exceptional end-user Quality of Experience (QoE), EPL/EVPL’s low latency high throughput, always on connectivity is perfect for large file transfers, mobile backhaul, real-time compute, video feeds, trunking, and backup and disaster recovery.

Why O3b Ethernet Services?


Private point-to-point fiber equivalent connectivity with satellite latency of <150ms. Learn more >


Secure connectivity with multiple classes of service (Cos) available anywhere Learn more >


Established Tier 1 peering relationships with top Carrier Ethernet Exchanges, telecom carriers and content providers Learn more >


Optimised highperformance networks enable exceptional customer experiences Learn more >

Key Features

  • Private, secure point-to-point connectivity
  • Scales from 10 Mbps upwards in 10Mbps increments
  • Ubiquitous MEF compliant fiber equivalent
  • Multiple Class of Service (CoS) capabilities
  • Combined end-to-end satellite/terrestrial segment SLAs
  • Extensive terrestrial network footprint
  • Established Carrier Ethernet Exchange peering
  • E-Line, E-Access and E-Transit service support
  • Configurable control-protocol transparency
  • Hierarchal policing and scheduling
  • Ability to protection switch at defined minimum
  • Resilient UNI and ENNI support
  • Full visibility via easy to use portal