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Optimise Network Performance, Uptime and Quality of Experience (QoE)

Customers depend on their broadband provider to consistently and securely deliver internet content, video, voice, data, and application services — anywhere, anytime, across devices. But service restarts, stalling and buffering of data make for a poor quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers. This leads to increased churn, lost revenue and a damaged reputation. O3b works with customers to maximise network uptime and performance so subscribers always have low-latency, high throughput access to the most popular internet content, cloud services and business applications.

Why Network Performance Audit?


Identify potential network problems before they impact the mission or revenue.
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Ensure consistent performance for high-quality voice, video and data transfer speeds.
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Lead the market with the best performing, most reliable network available anytime, anywhere.
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Deliver and exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE) every time.
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Key Features

  • Network path discovery and topology
  • Network tracing to customer edge network
  • Mapping and routing capabilities
  • Access and edge performance analysis
  • Analysis of DNS operation and effectiveness
  • Analysis of congestion points
  • Identification of single-points-of-failure
  • Physical environment status
  • Hardware warranty status
  • Software revision status and known vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of acceleration and caching functionality
  • Analysis of traffic shaping and packet engineering
  • Capacity and inventory demand forecasting