What is Latency – and Why Does it Matter?

By Nick Roullier, Customer Enablement Leader At O3b we are passionate about the value our low latency, fiber-like capability delivers customers. It is crucial for application acceleration, network optimization and ensures the quality of user experience. But what is latency? Why does it matter? Why should you care? To put it simply, latency is the […]

LTE – Now made available anywhere

By Avi Peleg, Director MNO Market Segment Management We discover why LTE is the fastest growing mobile and broadband technology. 4G-LTE is the most advanced and efficient mobile architecture available today. The superior spectral efficiency and carrier aggregation support of 4G-LTE makes more efficient use of spectrum, and provides the end-user with a faster connection. […]

Behind the Scenes: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines-Fastest Internet at Sea

Gregory Martin VP, Mobility Market Segment Management Cruise lines have been exploring the idea of internet at sea since 1999 – but high latency and an even higher price tag left customers frustrated. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has partnered with O3b Networks to alleviate that frustration by equipping our vessels with the fastest internet at sea. […]

Enabling growth and opportunity through high-speed internet in 15 African Countries

By Carole Kamaitha, VP Africa Our mission at O3b is to bridge the digital divide, delivering the highest combination of throughput, low latency, coverage and connectivity to the remotest parts of the world. In fact, the establishment of our company was sparked by the critical need for high-performance Internet throughout Africa. Since launching our commercial […]

Enabling the Energy Industry with Fiber-Like Connectivity Tim Webb, O3b’s Director Enterprise

Creating an effective network infrastructure is increasingly critical for remote energy environments beyond the reach of fiber. Economic and geographic barriers have made it difficult for operators to establish quality, affordable connectivity for both on and off shore operations. However, one of the biggest challenges for mining operators is the uncertainty of operational conditions. Sites […]