Services offered at this stage of the lifecycle include Field Level Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Advanced Replacement and Extended Warranty.

The O3b Maintain Services have been developed to provide ongoing support to O3b Customers; Maintain services include Field Level Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Advanced Replacement, Advanced Replacement, Standard and Extended Warranty. Ongoing support provides a critical safety net to ensure that when equipment or software does fail that it is restored as soon as possible causing minimal disruption to your end-users.

O3b has integrated multiple best-of-breed products from a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to make up it’s industry leading solution, to ease and simplify the support requirement O3b provides a one-stop-shop with warranty and maintenance services from one place and eliminates the need for multiple support agreements.

O3b provides both Field Level Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance using a combination of O3b field engineers and local or regional partners; all of these engineers have been trained at O3b’s training center in Manassas and are regularly updated in the field.