SES Networks’ “End-to-End” Managed Services help bring ASCA Telecoms Brazzaville Location Online

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By Sherif Baheeg – VP Services Delivery and operations EMEA Segment

SES Networks provides customers with a high-bandwidth, low-latency satellite connectivity solution that hurdles geographic, political, or economic barriers. Beyond supplying the technology and capacity, our end-to-end managed services play a critical role in making remote connectivity a reality. By taking an active role in a project’s implementation and operation, we ensure that our customers are able to successfully launch their networks with the assurance that help is readily available if challenges arise. Because of our global presence and in-depth understanding of complicated connectivity challenges, we’re able to manage the end-to-end process, resulting in a faster cycle time for the customer. This allows them to bring services up and generate cash faster — which is critical factor for start-ups.

We recently led a site readiness management training to help ASCA Telecoms, a small telecommunications company in Brazzaville, Congo, launch its network from the ground up. Prior to working with SES Networks, ASCA was facing a variety of challenges that was causing a near standstill in their project, which had been approved nearly a year prior. Lack of experience, specifically with site preparation, was the primary cause of ASCA’s stall in progress.

SES Networks’ experience and precisely detailed project management played a significant role in bringing up ASCA Telecoms network. Shortly after we began working together, the SES Networks managed services team realized ASCA’s initial site preparation was done incorrectly, and offered to take the lead on site readiness.

Where we started:


      Site Survey                                           Wrong Preparation


The team started off by having local contractors conduct a structural analysis of the building, a critical aspect of site preparation that had not already been done. With the results of the analysis, the team could confidently determine the correct frame structure to build the satellite link, using steel beams to decrease the load on the building. Local contractors built the frame structure and in 10 days, the site was ready to begin installation. ASCA Telecoms went live shortly after, on 7 June 2017.

SES Networks preparation                                                        SES Networks in Service

As SES Networks’ first full turn-key project, we are pleased to see first-hand the impact our end-to-end managed services have made in helping ASCA Telecoms go live. “For SES Networks, managed services mean that we own the project, and it is our responsibility to ensure the successful implementation and operation from start to finish” said John Baughn, SES Networks COO. “And our work with ASCA Telecoms is a great example of exactly that.”

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