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FastConnect Datasheet

Portable, rapid deploy network

The O3b FastConnect Solution is a low latency, high throughput, satellite-enabled network connectivity solution designed for occasional use (OU) applications to meet short-term demands. This full, turnkey solution provides quickly deployable and redeployable IP Transit bandwidth complete with its own infrastructure when and where it is needed.

Why O3b FastConnect?


The FastConnect Solution is perfect for environments where there is no or little existing infrastructure, but where on the spot connectivity is needed temporarily to provide: Internet or wifi hotspot services at sports stadiums, conferences, and large events or for emergency response communications in disaster zones.


The FastConnect Solution is a fully integrated turnkey package with two O3b tracking antenna(s), radio frequency (RF), modem, router and UPS, paired with satellite-enabled scalable IP Transit connectivity data rates over 1.6Gbps. Ruggetised terminals are available in six sizes to meet varying requirements and can be set up and operational in as little as 60 minutes once equipment is received on site


Backed by strong SLAs, the FastConnect Solution can be deployed and re-deployed quickly to alternative locations as needed. It also supports higher data rates with lower latency when compared with traditional satellite service, resulting in better Quality of Experience (QoE) for end-users.

Key Features

  • Data rates over 1.6Gbps
  • IP Transit connectivity via regional O3b Gateway
  • Under 150ms round satellite trip latency
  • 99.5-99.9% availability SLA, dependent on location and configuration
  • Lease terms as short as one month
  • Includes logistics, installation, commissioning and operational support services
  • Managed spare parts kit
  • A variety of configuration options available

“For the first time in history in Iraq, Internet with 140ms steady round-trip latency can be experienced live, with no downtime.”