Humanitarian Response

Connectivity for Humanitarian Relief

When disaster strikes, front line responders need immediate, coordinated and dependable communications and logistics capabilities to handle medical emergencies and adequately support suddenly displaced populations. With prepositioned broadband-capable satellite equipment and immediately available broadband capacity, O3b can deploy a network connectivity solution virtually anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours of a disaster to speed crucial humanitarian disaster related information and support services to the entire community effected.

Global coverage and rapidly deployable broadband and support for 3G/4G services community-wide means those in need can: connect with telemedicine services; communicate with family members and friends through social media; access or request resources online; learn new skills; and connect with the community.

Why O3b for Humanitarian Response?

  • Rapidly deployable community-wide satellite enabled connectivity and communications
  • Immediately enable front line responders on the ground, access remote experts, and enable WiFi hotspots, internet and 3G/4G. Readily access databases with crucial information to inform a more effective response
  • Provide connectivity for logistics and remote health and medical applications. Provides a platform for ongoing training and education for community members

Key Features

  • Scalable connectivity up to 2Gbps
  • Ultra-low latency, less than <150ms satellite data round trip time
  • More bandwidth to grow as your needs increase
  • Dynamically assign and prioritize bandwidth as needed
  • 24/7 network support through O3b Operation Centers