Timor Telecom Renews and Expands with O3b Networks, Continues Mobile and Broadband Advancements over World’s Most Advanced Satellite Network

Timor-Leste operator sets the standard for network performance and reliability with O3b’s high availability and performance


St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands – 16 January, 2017 – O3b Networks today announced an agreement with Timor Telecom, the leading Timor-Leste Full Service Operator (FSP), to continue providing high-throughput, low-latency connectivity over O3b’s innovative satellite-enabled network. Timor Telecom first started using the O3b network in 2014, and has upgraded capacity several times to keep up with soaring data demand and launch mobile data services.

The O3b connection provides Timor Telecom with fiber-equivalent internet performance, which has allowed the company to provide a differentiated 3G service to customers across the country. The company leads the nation in telecommunications innovations, and will continue to use the O3b link to deliver ever-improving Quality of Experience (QoE) for subscribers.

Timor Telecom receives more than 1Gbps of international connectivity from O3b, delivered to 2 sites, one in Dilli and another in Baucau. With the redundant terminal sites, Timor Telecom has taken full advantage of O3b’s expertise in network architecture. The result is Timor Telecom boasting excellent service reliability with network availability exceeding 99.9%.

“The quality of experience has dramatically increased for Timor Telecom’s subscribers since we went live over O3b,” said Manuel Capitao Amaro, CEO of Timor Telecom. “Our customers benefit from the game changing impact of faster and better quality internet connections coupled with the high reliability we’ve been able to achieve, knowing they can count on their Timor Telecom connection when they need it most.”

“Timor Telecom has worked closely with O3b to deploy a diversified network solution, developing a world-class network architecture here in Timor-Leste,” said Imran Malik, VP, Asia Pacific of O3b Networks. “Bringing advanced mobile internet to Timor is a huge achievement, and O3b Networks is thrilled to be enabling Timor Telecom to continue making enormous strides in their service offerings to an increasing number of customers in the Timor-Leste market.”




About O3b Networks Limited
O3b Networks Limited is a global managed data communications service provider operating both space based and terrestrial networks. O3b offers modern carrier-grade IP communications services and applications to ISPs, telco, governments and enterprises in the most remote and inaccessible parts of the planet. O3b Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of SES (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG).

About Timor Telecom
As the largest telecommunications operator in Timor-Leste, Timor Telecom has operated for 13 years, servicing more than 600 thousand clients – it has built up its position as a sound and dynamic company that has gone through various challenges and has always supported the Timorese people since the restoration of independence. TT is today the undisputed market leader, with a more mature, better quality, capable and reliable network covering all districts in the territory and reaching over 94% of the population of Timor-Leste with voice and Internet services.


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