“We saw latency going down to 120msec with throughput in one beam of 800Mbps”

Filipe Cabral, Timor Telecom

Timor Telecom Customer Story


Location: East Timor
Area: 14,874 km2
Capital: Dili
Population: 1,172,390
GDP per Capita: $1,847
Internet Penetration Rate: 40%
Internet Users: 10,000
Mobile Subscribers: 63%


timor-telecom-east-timor-150x150As the largest telecommunications operator in East Timor, Timor Telecom (subsidiary of Portugal Telecom) has been in operation for 11 years, servicing more than 600,000 clients.

As one of the first to connect to O3b, Timor Telecom is now able to provide customers with a high throughput, low latency and high speed broadband service. O3b improves the user experience and allows for more and better services and content, meeting the increasing needs of TT’s clients.

Timor Telecom has built up its position as a sound and dynamic company that has gone through various challenges and has always supported the Timorese people since the restoration of independence. TT is today the undisputed market leader, with a more mature, better quality, capable and reliable network covering all districts in the territory.

O3b’s groundbreaking service enables Timor Telecom to significantly increase its broadband coverage and improve the speed and quality of its services for corporate and private clients. Timor Telecom is investing in technology innovation and supplying new services and products that meet the needs of its clients.


Product: O3bTrunk
Region: Cook Islands, Pacific Islands
Application: IP Connectivity

Customer Solution Benefit: Significantly increasing customer bandwidths available, introducing next generation services and future proofing the network against competition. This solution enables TCI to cost-effectively distribute bandwidth between the islands, resulting in each receiving 20x the bandwidth they had previously. The lives of the people on the Cook Islands have changed dramatically since the arrival of O3b. It is used to enhance welfare, education possibilities and the productivity of many businesses.

Gerardo Carrilho Ângelo, CTO of Timor Telecom says…

“We are delighted to be up on the O3b network. Timor Telecom is constantly investing in technology innovation and supplying new services and products that meet the needs of its clients. Indeed, the new service is so good that customers have been calling our helpline, wondering what has happened!”